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Love at First Listen

Top companies like Toyota, Cricket Wireless, and Neutrogena always seek out the perfect voice to brand their products. You need consistency, quality, and vibrancy to get your message across. When you work with Heather Graham, that's exactly what you get. Everything from fun and sassy to sexy and sweet wrapped up in a professional and reliable package.

Make her your secret ingredient. Send her a message today!

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Animation Demo

{All The Right Ingredients}

Voice Over

  • The Edge Studio, NY: Voice Over Training with Jay Snyder and Noelle Romano
  • Igloo Studios: Voice acting intensive with Ned Lott
  • BangZoom Entertainment: Anime Dubbing and ADR with Tony Oliver
  • BangZoom Entertainment: VO Workouts with Tony Oliver
  • Voice Trax West: Performance capture with Jeff Jones
  • Voice Trax West: Voice for video games with Andrea Toyias
  • Voice Trax West: Video games and animation with Chris Borders
  • Private voice direction: Roy Yokelson


  • House of Yes - Mother
  • Suite Surrender - Murphy
  • Murdered to Death - Elisabeth
  • Harvey - Nurse Kelly
  • Drinking Habits - Sally
  • Murder at the Prop Table - Lynn
  • Kill Me Deadly - Veronica
  • West Side Story - Maria

Special Skills

  • Stage combat and sport fencing
  • Martial arts
  • Rope dart
  • Whip
  • Fire Spinning

Heather Graham's Commercial Reel

A scoop of Heather's commercial reel will leave your eardrums happy! It's a sweet, upbeat, and natural flavor with smart taste and a warm center, and there's more! Just when you think it's all over, she'll tantalize you with a rich silky ribbon of sexy.

Available for narration, e-learning, and commercial. For details and custom auditions, Contact her!

Heather Graham's Animation Reel

Heather's animation reel is chock full of variety! Perky with a dash of snooty and a hard crunch for the soldiers out there. It features imported flavors from England, the underworld, and Russia with swirls of dark villains, southern charm, and even a dash of aged sincerity. Warning: may contain nuts.

Available for pre-lay and dubbing projects as well as narration, video games, and anime. For details and custom auditions, Contact her!

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